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Alamo Car Rental, Las Vegas Nevada

Alamo Car Rental, Las Vegas Nevada

We were given a further opportunity to test the benefits of a joint stabilizing sealer on the Alamo Car Rental bus terminal at their Las Vegas Airport location. The pavement had been correctly installed, but due to some design errors, the incorrect thickness of pavers and a poor pattern choice, the heavy-duty pavement came apart and failed just days after the initial installation. Peter was called in to give his advice. Because of the lack of funds and limited time frame they were unable to make any significant changes to the pavement design other than to uplift and re-install the pavers. His recommendation was that they should use a joint stabilizing sealer to stabilize the joint sand to reinforce the structural integrity of the pavement and virtually glue the pavement together. They sealed the pavement using squeegees to direct material into the joints between the pavers. The project performed successfully since it’s installation in 1997.

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