Efflorescence Remover

Efflorescence RemoverFEATURES AND BENEFITS

Safe – Blend of non-toxic acids
Easy to apply – Read instructions
Removes minerals deposits – Rust and hard water
Biodegradable – Easily neutralized

BP Pro Efflorescence Remover is designed specifically to remove the naturally occurring white mineral salt deposits that discolor the surface of block paving as well as other man made building materials, known as efflorescence. It is a contractor grade premixed blend of non-toxic cleaning agents, including acids, that does not need be diluted. Efflorescence Remover is biodegradable and is a safer alternative to muriatic acid. It is non-toxic and has the consistency of water and is clear in appearance and has an acidic order. We recommend using BP Pro Efflorescence Remover specifically (and only were possible) in affected areas to remove any trace of efflorescence prior to sealing.

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