Fashion Island, Newport Beach California

Fashion Island, Newport Beach California

There is a new trend in paver use that is an indicator of the future potential of our industry. Fashion Island Mall in Newport Beach, one of the US’s most prestigious upscale malls, has started to replace all the hardscape in the mall with interlocking pavers. This includes the concrete and tile areas around the shops and even the formerly asphalt paved access roads. Part of their design was the incorporation of our Joint Stabilizing Sealer. The reason was that lifecycle costing indicated that sealed and joint stabilized pavers will give them a surface that is easier to maintain, that looks better and is more durable than anything available on the market. The potential for the US market as a whole, both commercial and residential far exceeds anyone’s real concept. A study by a graduate school showed that there were potentially 3 Billion square feet in the San Francisco Bay area alone, which is significantly more than the current use of about 500 million square feet in the US as a whole.

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