Pier, Huntington Beach California

Pier, Huntington Beach California

Another place where looks are everything is Huntington Beach California. One of the birthplaces of surfing hosts many events on the Pier from world-class surfing to weekly artist exhibits and flea markets. This are is subjected to some unique conditions. Food, vehicular, and all other imaginable stains are left behind and are cleaned up by Mario Costa of Costa Cleaning Services. His crews that are dedicated to cleaning this stretch of beachfront promenade.” We come in routinely and our aim is to keep the blues blue and the greens green” said Mario. Another reason that our products were used was to avoid salt damage. We are happy to report that there is no sign of any breakdown of the surface some 7 years later.

Brick paving Huntington Beach Brick Paving Sealers.jpg enhancing stabilizing sealer.jpg

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