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Joint Stabilizers, Sealers, Cleaners and Sand for Pavers

(ENC) ECO-NEW Concentrate

Oxidizing Decolorizer For Interlocking Pavers

Eco-New Concentrate is a professional grade and DIY Mineral Deposit Remover that solubilizes and lifts / decolorizes stains to remove and clean naturally occurring efflorescence, hard water, polymeric sand haze and rust caused by environmental conditions and polymeric sand of the paver hardscape surface.



  • CONCENTRATE: Dilutes to make more product or cover more area.(MUST NOT COME INTO CONTACT WITH GLASS)
  • STRONG CONCENTRATE: Strong aggressive cleaner for many mineral deposits.
  • CLEANS POLYMERIC SAND HAZE: Removes cement and binder stains from polymeric sand grout.
  • CLEANS MILD HARD WATER AND RUST: Breaks down accumulated mineral deposits and stains from pavers and hardscapes.
  • TARGETS EFFLORESCENCE: Effectively cleans naturally occurring efflorescence on concrete, clay and other hardscapes surfaces.
  • CAREFULLY READ INSTRUCTIONS: This is an acid. Please read and follow instructions. Wear protective clothing and eyewear.
  • NEUTRALIZE: Acid must be thoroughly rinsed but significant foaming makes this easier. Neutralize prior to sealing.
  • WORKS ON PROTECTIVE PRODUCTS: Can be used on projects with BP Pro protective products.


Concrete Paver (Pump Sprayer)             –   150   –   200 sf/gal
Concrete Pavers (Brush Dilute 1:2-4 Water: Acid)  –   60    –   100 sf/gal
Concrete (Pump Sprayer)                         –   240   –   400 sf/gal
Dilute (1:2-4) (water:acid) for brush application.

Dry time:
30 minutes – 3 hours the surface should be dry to the touch.


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