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Joint Stabilizers, Sealers, Cleaners and Sand for Pavers

(ISB) Invisible StainBLOCKER

Stain Repellant For Interlocking Pavers

Invisible StainBLOCKER penetrates and seals the pavers’ surface creating an invisible look with no finish creating a Stain barrier.



  • STAIN REPELLENT: Resists and protects the substrate against staining from oil, food, acidic and waterborne substances.
  • INVISIBLE LOOK: Maintains flat unsealed look.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: Offers longer intervals between resealing.
  • GREAT DURABILITY: Surface protection that lasts for 3 – 5 years.
  • IMMEDIATE APPLICATION: Recommended immediate application after sanding and detail cleaning.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Will not kill plants or damage building materials.
  • BREATHABLE: Will not trap moisture or efflorescence and haze or whiten.


Block Pavers                –   100  –  300 sf/gal
Concrete                       –   100  –  300 sf/gal
Brick Walls                  –   125  –  400 sf/gal
Natural Stone              –   150  –  400 sf/gal

Manufactured Stone  –   150  –  400 sf/gal

Dry time:
30 minutes – 3 hours the surface should be dry to the touch.

Cure time:
24 hours for initial joint sand stabilization which occurs quickly, but complete curing will take additional time.

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