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Joint Stabilizers, Sealers, Cleaners and Sand for Pavers

(PCS) Permeable Stabilizing Sealer

Permeable chip stabilizer

Permeable Solvent-Based Chip Stabilizer bonds permeable paver chips together without restricting the water flow through the surface.


Permeable pavers
High maintenance surfaces
Snow plow surfaces


  • Bonds Permeable Chips: Locks permeable chips between the pavers
  • Liquid Stabilizer: Offers superior performance and durability in all climates on many types of projects.
  • Wet Look: Attractive color enhancement semi-gloss finish.
  • Stain Protection: Leading stain protection that slows penetration of more types of stain into the surface of the paver.
  • Durability: Great surface protection for 2-3 years.
  • Immediate application: recommended immediate application after sanding and detail cleaning.
  • Breathable: will not trap moisture or efflorescence and haze of whiten.



Concrete Permeable Pavers 50 – 100 sf/gal
Clay Permeable Pavers 50 -100 sf/gal

Dry time:
15-30 minutes for the surface to dry

Cure time:
24 hours for initial joint sand stabilization full curing will take longer. Wait at least 24 hours for vehicular trafficking.

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