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Joint Stabilizers, Sealers, and Cleaners

(WSS) WetLOOK Stabilizing Sealer

Liquid Stabilizer For Interlocking Pavers

WetLOOK Stabilizing Sealer coats and seals the pavers’ surface creating a wet look with a semi-gloss finish creating a protective barrier while simultaneously stabilizing the paver joint sand.


Best For


  • LIQUID STABILIZER: Liquid joint sand stabilizer that offers superior water resistance in all climates on many types of projects for longer than other types of stabilizers.
  • WET LOOK: Creates a significant color enhancement with satin to semi-gloss finish depending on the number of coats.
  • SEMI-GLOSS FINISH: Creates an enhancing semi-gloss sheen on the paver surface.
  • DURABILITY: Surface protection that lasts for 2 – 3 years.
  • NO WEEDS, NO INSECTS: Reduces growth of weeds and deters ants and insect infestation.
  • IMMEDIATE APPLICATION: Recommended immediate application after sanding and detail cleaning.
  • BREATHABLE: Will not trap moisture or efflorescence and haze or whiten.
  • STAIN PROTECTION: Reduces staining by slowing down penetration of more types of stains into paver surface.
  • IMPROVES STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY: Increases interlock and reinforces joint sand and reduces the need for re-sanding.
  • ALLOWS AGGRESSIVE CLEANING: Cured liquid stabilizer sand joint resists washout and tracking into homes and pools.


Pavers                             – 50   –  125 sf/gal
Paver Slabs                    – 20   –  60 sf/gal
Wetcast Pavers             – 30   –  70 sf/gal
Porous Natural Stone   – 75   –  300 sf/gal

Dry time:
Surface should dry to the touch within 15 minutes-1 hour. Set up takes 1-2 hours after drying has occurred.

Cure time:
24 hours for initial joint sand stabilization, but complete curing will take additional time.

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