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Joint Stabilizers, Sealers, Cleaners and Sand for Pavers


Manufacturer warrants its products conform to the published Product Specifications on Product Information Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheet. No other warranties are expressed or implied, including those or merchantability or fitness for any purpose not expressly set forth herein.  The user must conduct testing and determine suitability of the products for their particular use.  Manufacturer and any seller’s liability for incidental or consequential damage hereunder shall not exceed the purchase price or replacement cost of the product used. (See full details on Product Information Sheet online at

The statements made on all published information including Labels, Product Bulletins, Product Information Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets or by any of BP Pro’s employees or agents concerning this product are given for general information only. Due to variables beyond BP Pro’s control in application, surface preparation, temperature, humidity and other variable factors as well as design and installation on the surfaces that could limit performance of these products BP Pro assumes no liability for any claim that may arise out of use of its products. All information provided by BP Pro is to the best of our knowledge, accurate and true.

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