University of Cincinnati Music Conservatory

University of Cincinnati Music Conservatory, Cincinnati Ohio

We have always selected products that have good breathability. This feature proved it’s importance on one of our most well known cases at the Music Conservatory at the University of Cincinnati. The project utilized clay pavers for the majority of the project and the installation of the Joint Stabilizing Sealer went ahead without any hitches. A couple days after completion we received a call from the owner of the paver installation company, Mike Carnival. He believed that there was a problem with the project and that the sealer may have had something to do with it. He described the condition at the project as though it had “snowed” on the pavement having the whole area turn white. We were concerned and booked a ticket to Cincinnati for the following day to investigate their concerns. The efflorescence had indeed bloomed on the surface turning the whole area white. We did however illustrate that it had come straight through the sealer and that it was easily removed from the surface using only cold water and brooms.

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